Sunday, April 3, 2011

Secrets of Savvy Planners

Most event planners focus exclusively on the “onsite experience.”

But a few savvy ones integrate that experience into a series of encounters that begin long before, says event planning expert Jeff Hurt.  These include:

Videos. Savvy planners produce a series of pre-event videos that promote features like the headquarters hotel and keynote speaker. The videos include testimonials from attendees.

YouTube. These planners post the videos on a branded page.

Blogs. Savvy planners blog weekly (and more frequently as the event draws near).  Guest posts are contributed by speakers, event committee members and the host city’s mayor.

Crowdsourced content. Savvy planners use social media to solicit suggestions for speakers’ topics and ask attendees to vote for or against them.

Webinars. Savvy planners contract with speakers to provide pre-event Webinars.  Positive word-of-mouth about the Webinars helps generate attendees for the face-to-face event.

Radio stations. Savvy planners create a radio station and produce interviews with speakers, event committee members and representatives of the host city.

Video FAQs. These produce a video that answers common questions and share it through social networking sites.

“I’m Attending” badges. Savvy planners create digital badges that attendees can embed on their Facebook pages. The badges can link to the event’s Website.
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