Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to Drive More Attendees to Your Webcast

If you've ever produced a Webinar, you know a ton of effort's required. 

So it's hugely disappointing when a mere handful of attendees show up.

Marketo's resident blogger Andrew Spoeth recommends these five ways to boost attendance of your next Webinar:

Give attendees access to the speaker.  In your promotions, emphasize that attendees can chat with the speaker.  And encourage them to send questions to the speaker in advance.

Hold a drawing.  The promise of a prize can be the incentive that turns a registrant into an attendee.  Offer an item related to the topic, such as a book.

Help attendees connect with other attendees.  Have a Twitter chat after the Webinar or invite attendees to join a LinkedIn group.

Make an exclusive offer.  Provide an e-book or special report that's available only to attendees after the Webinar.

Phone ahead.  A pre-recorded "reminder" sent automatically to registrants will increase attendance.
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