Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Avoid Spam Filters

Here's a quizz for marketers who rely on email for lead generation and cultivation.

Q. Who's your worst enemy?
A. The spam filter.

Eighty percent of email actually is spam.  That's why businesses set their filters on maximum.

How can you avoid spam filters?

  • Title your email
  • Use complete and correct HTML code
  • Omit redundant code
  • Send your email both in plain text and HTML
  • Match the plain-text and HTML versions
  • Avoid red-flag phrases like "money back guarantee," "risk free," "no obligation," "no catch," "Dear Friend," "click here" and "order now"
  • Avoid repetition of key words
  • Avoid misspelled words
  • Avoid full capitalization
  • Maintain an even image-to-text ratio
  • Use font sizes no smaller than 8 points, no larger than 14
  • Don't use Flash, Java or rich media
  • Don't use light grey or red fonts
  • Don't use "invisible fonts"
  • Don't use non-ASCII characters
  • Don't use embedded images
  • Don't use forms
  • Don't send attachments
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