Thursday, March 10, 2011

Got Marketing?

BNET columnist Steve Tobak provides a peek inside Apple in his article "10 Ways to Think Different."

"Apple’s culture is like a genetic mutation of the corporate America genome," Tobak writes.  "A mutation that should be studied and replicated wherever possible."

One way Apple thinks different?

It "gets" marketing.

"Marketing is the one great weakness of the technology industry.  For some reason, high-tech CEOs don’t get it, understand it, or value it as they should."

By that, Tobak means the company devotes real resources to dreaming up better mousetraps.  "Apple spends a great deal of effort divining the next big thing—figuring out what people want—even when they don’t know it themselves."

Apple also "gets" highly orchestrated marcom.

"Few companies truly get communications and PR the way Apple does," Tobak writes.  

"A big part of its formula for creating a buzz like no other company is its famous secretiveness.  Considering the sheer number of people, companies, and news outlets that would give anything for a tip, virtually nothing leaks until Apple’s ready to spill it."

Got marketing?
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