Sunday, March 13, 2011

Direct Mail Makes a Comeback

The best days of e-mail marketing are behind and that's given good old-fashioned direct mail a chance at a second life.

According to David James, president of Bethesda List Center, the quantity of postal mailing lists rented by his firm increased 20 percent during the second half of 2010, as compared to the first half of the year.

The surge comes as the result of “a wonderful opportunity for direct mail marketers,” he says.

Direct mail has all but disappeared from in-boxes during the past decade.

“The disappearance of direct mail from in-boxes has created a huge void that marketers should take advantage of,” David says. “It’s almost a novelty to get a piece of direct mail nowadays and that scarcity is creating an unprecedented boost in response rates. All marketers should think hard about testing postal right now.”

The surge in the volume of direct mail marketing has prompted David and me to co-author a new how-to primer, The 3-Minute Guide to Direct Mail.

If you feel the need to become better acquainted with direct mail fundamentals, our new primer's for you.

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