Friday, February 11, 2011

Unleashing LinkedIn

With 90 million users, LinkedIn has become a darling of B-to-B marketers.

With a LinkedIn Company Page, you can put the social network to the ultimate test.

Adam Kleinberg, who runs a social media firm that "aligns psychology with technology," points out the features he likes best:

Banners.  Company Pages lets you create products and services pages and place big banners on them.  The banners can rotate and link to specific URLs; the latter can be landing pages designed to capture leads.

Video.  You can also embed YouTube videos on your Company Page and each products and services page.

Endorsements.  You can solicit testimonials from customers for each of your products and services.  The feature works like the Recommendations on an individual LinkedIn Profile.

Customization.  You can customize how you present your products and services to distinct target audiences.  LinkedIn lets you create audience segments; select their attributes (job title, company size, industry and location); and post an edited copy of your pages.

Offers.  Each product and service has a placeholder for a unique offer, such as a white paper or discount coupon.

Ads.  You can create targeted ad campaigns to drive traffic to your Company Page.  The system works like Google AdWords.

Analytics.  LinkedIn provides charts that let you track your results and compare them to those of similar organizations.

Are you unleashing LinkedIn?
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