Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Succeed in Exhibit Marketing

Want to succeed in exhibit marketing? 

Marketing sage Seth Godin suggests there are only two ways.

The first way to succeed is to steal the show. To stage your company's presence so that it dominates the event.

"When you have the biggest booth, when you are the buzz of the event, when you are everywhere people look, you reinforce your position as the leader," Godin says.

The second way to succeed is to design the interactions.  To target the few attendees who'll really benefit by talking to you and leave little to chance.

By "designing these interactions so that this small number of people set out to evangelize their peers on your behalf," you'll come out ahead.

The most common mistakes exhibit marketers make?
  1. They set out to dominate, but don't spend the money required.
  2. They chase after every attendee, at the expense of ever getting personal.
For an overwhelming majority of firms, designing the interactions is the smartand safechoice.

"If you staff and invest appropriately, you don't have to 'win' the show to make it worth the trip," Godin says. "On the other hand, if you're setting out to win and investing at the appropriate level, you better win."
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