Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fear and Loathing in the Social Media Sphere

According to Robert Jones, contributing editor to SmartBrief on Entrepreneurs,
"entrepreneurs dread social media."

He cites a recent poll of SmartBrief readers that found entrepreneurs would rather farm out social media marketing than any other business function.

Jones asked four social-media experts to explain why entrepreneurs would do so.  They said:

  • Large corporations are commercializing social media so rapidly, they're crowding out small businesses.  Small-business owners aren't sure they can have a share of voice.
  • Small-business owners mistakenly believe that, to be effective, they have to use every social media platform.
  • Social media is time-intensive.  Small-business owners don't see the ROI in it.
  • Small-business owners lack the skills needed, so they're frightened by social media marketing.
My own opinion?

Small-business owners are stymied by social media marketing because it's content marketing

And content doesn't just fall off trees. 

You have to ferret it out, organize it, and present it in a digestible fashion.

And that takes persistence.  Just ask any journalist.
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