Sunday, January 2, 2011

To E or Not to E?

Should an association replace its magazine with an e-book?

One group who'd answer no: advertisers.

That's according to "Five Reasons Not to Go Digital Only with Your Association Magazine," a new white paper from Ideas Communicated, a design firm in Washington, DC.

As the white paper makes clear, while e-book readership is on the rise, response to the ads in e-books isn't.

This finding should make any association executive think twice before substituting a magazine with an e-book.

Of course, when it comes to curbing expenses, a cheap substitute for almost anything can be alluring.  

In fact, cheapness is the chief reason e-books are such "bright and shiny objects."

But the switch may cause advertisers to abandon the association, triggering losses far greater than the gains made through savings.

In other words, killing a magazine may spare some expenses, but could cost more in the long run.

Or as Ben Franklin, a publisher himself, once said, "The best is the cheapest."

Disclosure: Ideas Communicated is a client of mine.
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