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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Roll Out Your Experts

PR firm Edelman just released its annual Trust Barometer.

With it, Edelman recommends that organizations begin now to broadcast the opinions of in-house experts.

That's because social media "over-friending" has triggered a falloff in trust of peers.

With the rise of social networks, trust in peers has fallen 21 points on the Trust Barometer during the past five years.

In 2006, 68% of people said they trusted peers.  Today, 47% say they do.

But trust in experts has increased 8 points during the same period.

In 2006, 62% of people said they trusted experts.  Today, 70% say they do.

"To stand out in a very cluttered media world, organizations must increasingly activate their internal subject matter experts as thought leaders," says Steve Rubel, director of insights for Edelman Digital.

Capitalizing on in-house experts isn't easy.  For tips, see my special report, Path of Persuasion.
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