Monday, January 17, 2011

How's Your Platform?

Want to spend 50% less time on marketing?

Fashion a "platform" to support your communications.

In his blog, copywriter Justin Rubner suggests that working with a platform cuts content-development time.

"Without one, your team is executing marketing communications in silos," Rubner writes.  As a result, you double the time needed to finish projects, "because you can't agree on how to say what it is you actually do."

Working with a platform eliminates that waste.

Designing your platform, according to Rubner, begins with discovery.

During discovery, you bring all parties together, so they can agree on the things that distinguish your organization.

From discovery emerge:
  • A plain-language Positioning Statement
  • An evocative About Us
  • Brief Boilerplate (aimed at reporters and investors)
  • A Competitive Analysis (including competitors’ taglines)
  • Creative Concepts (sample taglines and headlines)
  • A Style Guide (governing capitalization, spelling, use of acronyms, etc.)
  • Website Navigation
  • Power Words to drive SEO and
  • Core Recommendations (key phrases and tone of voice)
How's your platform?
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