Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marketing is All

How do you define your business?

I hope your definition, whatever it is, features the word marketing.

As Regis McKenna once said, "Marketing is everything and everything is marketing."

On that note, editor extraordinaire Alan Webber offers a "Book Store Parable" on his blog this week.

Recounting a visit to San Francisco's City Lights Bookstore, Webber writes:

"Once I walked into the book store it was clear to meobvious beyond any need to state it, actuallythat I was going to buy a book.  At least one. I didn't know which one.  But I kind of knew I'd buy at least one.  Which made the following proposition clear: The task of a book store isn't to sell books.  It's to get people to walk in the front door.  Selling books: easy.  Getting people to walk in the front door: hard."

In other words, your business is marketing; it's hard; and it's all.
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