Monday, December 20, 2010

How to Report from Live Events

While most live-event producers encourage participants to push out content, software giant SAP goes one better.

In advance, SAP maps out the social media coverage of its annual sales meeting. 

SAP identifies a dozen newsworthy topics, then deputizes skilled "reporters” to cover them at the event.

The employees SAP co-opts as reporters must meet a couple requirements.  One, they must be proficient in social media.  Two, they must have online followers. 

They're provided tools and training by the company, so their reportage is even.

During the meeting, the reporters get legal permission to publish interviews and testimonials by asking interviewees to sign index cards with simple "release" language.

The reporters also carry special-purpose business cards with Web addresses printed on them.  They hand these to interviewees, who predictably ask, "Where will this appear?”

You can learn more about SAP's efforts by visiting Andy's Answers at SmartBlog.
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