Sunday, December 19, 2010

Content Rules

Marketing gurus Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman have authored the new book Content Rules.

In a word, it rocks.

Although the authors would hope "to discredit the notion that creating content is complicated and difficult," Content Rules makes one thing crystal clear: it pays to tackle social media marketing with care and know-how.

If you're at all shy in the latter department (who isn't?), Content Rules will help.

Part One provides 11 do's and don'ts, the "rules" touted in the title.  It's packed with advice about writing, curating, co-creating, repurposing, sharing and other activities essential to good content marketing.

Part Two delves into how-to's.  

The authors, like most social media marketing experts, insist a blog forms the "hub" of any sound content marketing strategy.  There's a strong chapter on blogging with 12 more rules on that activity alone.

Fanning from the blog are Webinars, white papers, case studies, FAQ sheets, videos, podcasts and photos.  Part Two includes hundreds of pointers for perfecting these.

Part Three offers 10 case studies. 

Profiled are content marketing grand slams by big and little players, including Boeing, HubSpot and Kodak. 

Included with each case study are "Ideas You Can Steal."  These alone justify the price of the 250-page book.

While co-author Chapman, a "thought leader" in the space, is no slouch, Ms Handley is chief content officer of the much-lauded Website MarketingProfs.

So you can guess the advice in Content Rules is fairly sound.

After all, 365,000 followers can't all be wrong.
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