Sunday, November 21, 2010

Are You Marketing Like It's 1977?

The mainstream media has surrendered all claims to serious journalism, as I noted in a recent post(Coincidentally, that's the theme of a new movie, Morning Glory, which I highly recommend.)

Today's mainstream media news programs are entertainment vehicles.

Thirty years ago, the story was different.  One example makes that clear.

  • On August 16, 1977the day Elvis Presley diedCBS Evening News opened with a seven-minute story about the Panama Canal, followed by a one-minute story about the King of Rock 'n Roll's death.
  • On June 25, 2009the day Michael Jackson diedCBS Evening News opened with an eight-minute story about the King of Pop's death.  And for the next 13 days, CBS Evening News devoted more than two minutes of each broadcast to Jackson's demise.
The question for marketers: are you providing customers an entertainment vehicle?

Or are you marketing like it's 1977?
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