Friday, November 26, 2010

Are You Authentic?

"We tend to think of effectiveness as something we 'do' to people.  But in  fact it is who we 'are,' not what we do, that changes the world and the people around us." 
                                                                       —Lance Secretan

"Authentic" is derived from the Greek word for "original."

Pretending to be "authentic" by looking edgy or sounding sincere doesn’t mean your brand will be trusted.

You could be an original jerk.

By the standards of Q4 2010, being authentic means you stand for more than just profits. 

Do you?

The truth of the matter: customers are more authentic—and more intelligent—than 99 percent of the marketers who target them. 

So lying about your organization's values in your marketing messages doesn't help.  It only worsens things. 

You're not only a profiteer, you're a phoney profiteer.
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