Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sacred Cow Slain

A blog post of mine earlier this week set off a teapot-size tempest inside Washington, DC's video production community.

I took to task marketing guru David Meerman Scott for extolling "business casual video."

Local video professionals were riled by Scott's low opinion of the value they add to a production and re-posted my piece on a number of sites.

Well, with apologies to cute little Carol Anne in in Poltergeist, "He's back." 

Besides asserting that video production professionals are unnecessary, Scott now suggests that traditional video release forms are superfluous as well.

"Many people obsess over getting legal release forms signed prior to posting a video interview online," Scott writes.  "However in my experience, the mere act of thrusting a legal document in front of someone and demanding they sign causes many people to re-think permission."

Scott skips the formality of getting a signed release in favor of asking for a verbal okay.  

"I simply ask the person I am about to interview if it's okay to post the video.  Then in the edit process, I save the video permissions and post the interview.  It works great.  I've interviewed and posted video with rock stars and Fortune 500 CEOs and top government officials using this method."

Looks like another "sacred cow" of the professional video world has been butchered.

Not to worry.  Any moment, the lawyers will be having another.
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