Sunday, October 31, 2010

On Hypesters and Other Liars

Seth Godin's recent rant, Won't Get Fooled Again, hits close to home.

"The reason that people don't believe you isn't that you're a liar," Godin writes.  "The reason we don't believe you is that the guy before you (and the woman before him) were unduly optimistic hypesters and we got burned."

I'm still in recovery afer promoting high-end antiques shows during the past three years.  (Three of the hardest to hit the trade since Roosevelt defeated Hoover.)

The whole time I was a promoter, I wrestled with incredulous exhibitors.  Not because I habitually overpromised (I didn't).  But because nearly all the other promoters were "unduly optimistic hypesters."

"If you catch yourself making a promise that's been made before, stop," Godin warns.  "Make different promises, or even better, do, don't say."

Sage advice.  You'll find more advice along these lines in my free report, Path of Persuasion: Winning Customers in the Age of Suspicion

It's hype free. 

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