Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DIY Video

David Meerman Scott blogged recently about "business casual video," a nifty term he admits to borrowing from a friend. 

"The concept is simple," he writes.  When you think of using video to communicate, don't automatically envision a "formal" (i.e., professionally produced) piece when you can now produce a "casual" video yourself.

"For decades," Scott continues, "corporate videos have been stiff and formal.  They cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months to produce.  When the subject of video is discussed at companies, people immediately think EXPENSIVE and DIFFICULT because they are thinking formal.  But if you think business casual, all of a sudden videos can be low or no cost and can be completed in a day or even an hour."

I prefer the term "do it yourself video" for these things.  And at the risk of seeming like a fussbudget I'll say that, like all "empowering technologies," DIY video can lead to some pretty scary outcomes.

What's next, business casual annual reports?

Disclosure: My spouse is a professional video producer.
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